Like other addictions, people with a gambling addiction often feel isolated and alone. More than any other addiction however, those with a gambling addiction feel like no one understands them, or can possibly understand the suffering and consequences – high debts, loss of family members and friends, loss of career and reputation.

The reality is that there are people who are struggling in many of the same ways, or who have been where you are and survived. Many are willing to talk to you about their gambling addiction; share their fears, failures and successes. Further, gambling addiction support groups provide opportunities for people to learn from and teach each other.

Group recovery counseling at the Center for Problem Gambling have been designed to address all facets of gambling disorder treatment and recovery to include:

Topic Groups
Education on the debilitating effects of problem gambling

Recovery Management Groups
Strategy development to maintain effective recovery

Gender Groups
Education on gender issues that impact on recovery

Concerned Significant Other Groups
Support services for individuals and families affected by gambling problems of family members

Financial Management Groups
Education and strategy development around such money issues as budgeting and credit reporting provided by Sunmark Federal Credit Union

Nutrition Groups
Education on diets targeted at recovery management issues such as stress reduction and improving sleep patterns provided by Hannaford Supermarkets and Cornell Cooperative Extension

Health Education Groups
Education and referral information on health maintenance issues that support on-going recovery from problem gambling provided by Planned Parenthood of NY

Mutual Aid Education Group
Groups to familiarize clients on the structure, protocol and language of mutual aid groups

Meditation Group
Groups that introduce clients to strategies aimed at reducing stress, improving concentration and to enhancing rest/relaxation

Life In Balance Group
Groups that introduce clients to methods and strategies to support life skills development for effective recovery

Coping Skills Group
Groups to familiarize clients on strategies to address emotional issues that impact on effective recovery and emotional well-being