Clinical Supervisor: Jonathan Pollack, LCSW-R

Jonathan Pollack holds a Master’s Degree in Social Welfare from the State University of New York at Albany and he has been practicing Social Work for the past 27 years.  His specializations include grief and loss counseling, managing anxiety and depression, and creative arts therapy.  His diverse range of experience includes psychotherapy, clinical supervision, school social work, field placement instruction, professional workshop development and facilitation, and justice related counseling including assisting individuals who have previously been incarcerated with re-entry back into society. Jonathan is known for his supportive and empowering therapeutic approach by using cognitive behavioral therapy techniques.

Program Coordinator: Kelly Callander

Kelly has two main functions within our program. First, she functions as the intake coordinator which is the initial contact clients have with the program and secondly, Kelly oversees the document management function for course of treatment documentation.

Counselor: Brenda Gausby, LMHC, CASAC-T, ICOGS

Brenda holds the International Co-Occurring Gambling Specialist certification from The Internal Gambling Counselor Certification Board (ICOGS). Brenda also holds the OASAS CASAC-T.

Brenda works within Capital Counseling EAP and The Center for Problem Gambling program at Capital Counseling. Her specialties include depression, anxiety, relationship concerns, mindfulness and goal oriented interventions. Brenda blends interventions from cognitive behavioral solution focused and positive psychology theoretical perspectives.

Brenda received her Master’s in Counseling and Community Psychology from the SAGE College, Albany, NY and is pursuing an advanced certification in Disaster Mental Health.

Counselor: Denise Henry, CASAC-G, ICOGS

Denise holds a NYS Alcohol & Substance Abuse Certification with a Specialty in Gambling Disorder (CASAC-G) as well as being certified as an International Co-occurring Gambling Specialist (ICOGS) which addresses the impact of problem gambling on the recovery of individuals with substance use and mental health disorders.

Denise has a 23 year history in treating addictive disorders. She has worked in various levels of care to include inpatient and outpatient programs and addiction medicine provider programs.

Counselor: Terry McMaster, LMSW, (ICOGS in process)

Terry serves as a primary counselor for group and individual services in our gambling disorder treatment and recovery program. Terry has 20 years of experience in working in the addiction field. Terry comes to our program with very specialized skill sets: meditation and art techniques; certificated in Creative Coaching/Mentoring; Clinical Hypnotherapy and Essential Yoga Teaching. Additionally, Terry serves as an adjunct professor at the State University of NY-Canton.

Peer Recovery Coach: Sheri Zacharczenko, BS, CRC

Sheri is a CCAR Certified Recovery Coach (CRC) who specializes in working with individuals in recovery from problem gambling. Sheri has served in this position for 4 years. Sheri has a BS in Pharmaceutical Science.

Peer Recovery Coach: Jeff Nellis, CRC

Jeff is a CCAR Certified Recovery Coach (CRC) who comes to our program with significant life experience in substance use and gambling disorder recovery. Jeff’s primary function is to provide our clients with primer instruction, awareness raising and education for transitioning clients to the mutual-aid pathway to recovery as a component of aftercare planning.

Adjunct Faculty

Clinical Psychologist & Addiction Specialist: Janet Heuring, MA, LCAS, LPA, HSP-PA

Janet Heuring has been providing treatment services to individuals with substance use disorders/addictions and mental health issues for over ten years. Ms. Heuring is a clinical psychologist who is licensed in North Carolina as a psychological associate and a clinical addiction specialist. She is also nationally certified as a master addiction counselor. Ms. Heuring attended the University at Albany in NY, where she completed her undergraduate studies in biology and psychology before completing her master’s degree in clinical psychology at North Carolina Central University. Ms. Heuring has researched various brain diseases and mental health issues with her most recent research exploring clinical screening practices for addiction. Ms. Heuring has provided brain-based psychoeducation and curriculum development consultation to multiple addiction treatment programs in NY and NC. In 2016, Ms. Heuring founded Athena Psychological Services in Raleigh, North Carolina, which not only provides clinical evaluations, psychotherapy, and cranial electrotherapy treatment to clients, but also partners with community organizations to offer college internships and pro bono services to veterans with traumatic brain injuries.

Fran Weiss, MS, RDN, CDN – Hannaford Supermarkets

Fran is a certified dietician who provides seminars on nutritional solutions to aid in sleep, stress reduction and in general, nutritional solutions that support healthy recovery.

Marsha Lazurus, MBA – Career Workforce

Marsha provides career options for clients entering workforce or those clients who wish to change career their path as part of their recovery program.

Michelle Kollmer, Business Development Administrator – CapCom

Michelle provides clients financial options for money management as a component of their recovery program.

Sarah Trela, Financial Well-Being Administrator – SEFCU

Sarah provides clients with credit and money options as a component of their recovery plan.

Wendy Milligan, MS.Ed. Health Program Coordinator – Albany County Health Dept.

Wendy provides primary health options to clients as a component of their recovery program.